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Zobmondo!!: That Crazy "Would You Rather" Game is a PartyGame in which the current player attempts to predict the consensus of the other players to a question picked randomly from a card. Usually each question provides a difficult choice because both options are extremely unpleasant, although occasionally both options are tempting. Here is the complete list of questions from one random card in the first edition of Zobmondo!!:


PAIN/FEAR/DISCOMFORT: Always be itchy -OR- always feel like you have to pee?

APPEARANCE/EMBARRASSMENT: Trip and fall down a flight of steps in front of a crowd of strangers -OR- be pushed into a pool at a party?

FOOD/INGESTION: Never again be able to use any spices in your food -OR- never again be able to use any condiments with your food?

ETHICS/INTELLECT: Find a buried chest full of jewelry -OR- final documentation proving who killed JFK, with no chance of financial reward from the documentation?

RANDOM: Always speak in rhyme -OR- never hear every third word spoken to you?

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FakeZobmondoQuestions shows some painful dichotomies we here in Seattle Cosmic would like to see added to Zobmondo!!.