This is a page to gather information about the nuts and bolts of making your own piecepack.

If you'd rather buy than make your piecepack, see Vendors.

Supplies - A good source to order blank wooden pieces.
Here are direct links to parts that meet the standard dimensions in the Piecepack Anatomy.

Woodworks Ltd - The original source used by James Kyle, piecepack creator.

Cardinal Enterprises - Another source of wooden bits.

TAP Plastics - Plastic bits.

Polyurethane spray sealer - When you make wooden pieces, use polyurethane finish to seal them, NOT Mod Podge! This is a spray version, but you can also use a brush-on finish if you prefer. This will give you a long-lasting, durable satin clear finish, that does NOT stay sticky.

Supplies in the UK

For people in the UK, try:

eM-4 for blank plastic dice and plastic counters for coins

Craftpacks Educational Supplies for bags of pawns


Downloadable Piecepack Sets - Links to PDFs of piecepack graphics of many styles that you can simply cut out and glue to wood, foamcore, or cardboard to quickly make a piecepack. This page also links to at least two different 3D printable piecepack designs (they require a 3D printer, obviously).


Print-and-Play pdf's are usually designed to be used in up to three different ways:

1. Print single-sided on label paper, cut out the labels, and apply to components (in the material of your choice).

2. Print single-sided on paper(board), apply adhesive to the back, fold over in half "hot-dog-style" or "hamburger-style", and cut out the components. Often one will need to do some additional folding and application of adhesive/tape in order to construct the dice and pawns and often one will want to cut dice/pawns/pawn belts out before folding the paper(board) in half. In some (but not all) designs if you don't do so beforehand you will still have all the "standard" piecepack components.

3. Print double-sided on paper(board) and cut out the components. One will need to do some additional folding and application of adhesive/tape in order to construct the dice and pawns.

The BoardGameGeek Print-and-Play Wiki has lots of good info like how to quickly make coins using an arch punch.

Print on demand

The Game Crafter - Have your pieces manufactured and sent to you.

Free-To-Use Art Resources - Over 3,000 game-related icons in a clean, consistent style. All of them use a Creative Commons license.

DIY Examples/Walkthroughs

Adhesive Label/Paper Sheets

3D printed


A few piecepack manufacturer's have used laser-engraving...


Depending on your suit design some stencils could work well. Or a stamp. Or some woodcuts...