If all players are exactly equal, there may be little need for PlayerInteraction, and less possibility for Replayability.

Asymmetrical distribution was put forward by Noah_Falstein? (with help from Teut Weidemann) in Better_By_Design? (August 2002). He put it in terms of a "real time strategy" ComputerGame. If, for instance, there are two types of resources in the game, of which a player needs both, putting most of each resource in one player's territory will limit players' growth while just keeping to themselves. In order to build more, a player will have to go raiding, which drives conflict in the game and keeps it interesting. A foothold in all resources also creates PositiveFeedback for the player who took the initiative and succeeded.

Related concepts:

Widely applicable (and widely implemented), this technique can be used to keep player interactions fresh and interesting.


Therefore, in general, distribute game resources evenly, but not symmetrically.