Light stop play is most often seen as a type of RedemptionGame.

They typical arrangement is a set of lights. At any given time, only one light will be lit, and which lamp is lit will be traveling in some predictable pattern, such as a circle or back and forth. When the player presses a button, the light stops for a few seconds to show which light it stopped on, and then continues on. Attempting to stop the light in the desired position makes for a kind of Dexterity? game.

While redemption isn't a requirement, two fairly common features are:

Variation of light values is an AsymmetricalDistribution. Most light stop games put the light values a clear ramp with the best value on one end, and the worst values on the other. The Jackpot, if present, is of course the center of attention. The ramp, especially the jackpot, provides a ClearShortTermGoal. The odds of hitting the jackpot light, however, are almost universally 'fixed' to control the game's payout. Other 'light bumping' or hit window restrictions are also frequently employed.

Some redemption games: