One of the more fun ComputerGames created by Justin_Love?.

The game is played in a crater during a meteor shower. The player controls a small horizontal ship consisting of five sections. Each section is capable of catching meteors and converting them to raw materials, that are needed to escape the crater. As points are captured, the maximum hovering height of the player's ship goes up. Meteors which are not caught pile up and constrain the playing field. Sometimes, a 'comet' falls, which will damage the player's ship if hit. The ship is also repaired by minerals, but this slows down the height advancement.

What really makes the game fun is the special rounds. (Subgames) 'Meteor Shower' runs much faster than normal. 'Comet Shower' drops nothing but the dangerous comets. (Comets will also reduce the piled up meteors, so this can sometimes be useful.) There is also a chance, inversely proportional to the number of undamaged sections that the player has, of 'Mercy,' which drops repair power ups. This can get the player quickly back into the game after bringing him within sight of defeat. The rate of special rounds is proportional to the maximum height of the player's ship, which is also his progress through the game (TensionCurve?)

Runs in DOS text mode. Available at [1].