Gnostic Chess 0.2

PaulSnyder? and RonHaleEvans?


We combine several Frames to build chess into an [[Archon?]]-like game. Using [[FIDE_Chess?]] as our starting point, we add the EbbAndFlow and TacticalBoard Frames.


Pieces damaged during combat remain damaged. Thus, several weaker pieces can take down a stronger by attacking it in series.

Checkmate is eliminated; to win, the opposing king must be killed. There is no restriction on a king moving into check.

The Board

W * W * * B * B
B W * W B * B W
W B W * * B W B
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
B W B * * W B W
W B * B W * W B
B * B * * W * W

The Track

EbbAndFlow uses a 5-position track. The track starts in the middle and starts moving toward the dark end. Positions are ( A:100% dark, B:75% dark, C:neutral, D:75% light, E:100% light).

Thus, if a white pawn attacks a black knight on a 100% dark square, the knight has 15 hit points and the pawn has 20.


Instead of moving a piece, a side's Queen may cast a magic spell. A Queen may cast each spell only once during the course of the game.