I am using a tool to pull the text from the pdf files to create txt files. Note that there are no reference images, and that there may be some odd formatting, and/or "garbage" inside these text versions. I am including the text in the wiki pages primarily so that we can search can against them.

These text files were created on 2004-02-23 from the official pdfs available at and do not reflect any changes since then. If an update to the AutoGeneratedTextVersion occurs, I will update this page to show the date of the lastest grab.

If someone cares to take the time to ensure that an AutoGeneratedTextVersion is "cleaned" (proper formatting for a text version) then the note about it being an AutoGeneratedTextVersion should be removed, though the link to the game should remain; for example This is an AutoGeneratedTextVersion of [[GameName]] could become This is a text version of [[GameName], edited by JonathanDietrich (using your own name of course :) )

-- JonathanDietrich

2004-10-23 Doing some of the new games that do not have a text version at all. --- JonathanDietrich