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Brain Burn
A Solitary Confinement game for the piecepack
by Mark A. Biggar

Version 1.0, January 2004
Copyright © 2003, 2004 Mark A. Biggar
1 player - 20 min

This is a sliding block puzzle like the classic 15-puzzle with some
aspects borrowed from Ron and Marty Hale-Evans’ game “Easy

Shuffle all 24 tile suit-side down on the table and form a 5 by 5 square
with the hole anywhere in the square you choose, then flip all the tiles
over to the suit-side. Place the tiles loosely so that they can slide past
each other easily. It will help if you orient all the tiles so that the value
is right way up. Now shake all 24 coins in your hands and randomly
place one coin on each tile with out looking. Flip over all the coins to
the value side. You should place each coin in a corner of the tile so
that the tile’s value is easily seen.

Your goal is the rearrange the tiles by sliding tiles one at a time into the
hole while maintaining the 5 by 5 square. The tiles should be
rearranged so that the Suns are in the first row, the Moons in the
second, the Crowns in the third and the Arms in the fourth. Each row
should be arranged so that the tiles read ace to 5, left to right. The four
null tiles and the hole should end up in the fifth row, but their final order
does not matter. You have one more goal, by the time you have move
all the tiles in to their proper place each tile must also have on it a coin
of the same value as the tile. To do this, each time a tile is moved, you
may swap the coin on the moved tile with a coin on an orthogonally
adjacent tile.

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