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Choosy Sushi  A Changing Landscapes game for the piecepackVersion 1.5 01/11/03By
Eric H. Witt  Players: 2-4Materials: 1 Piecepack, Pencil and PaperTime Limit: 30
minutes  Overview:You are a waiter at Choosy Sushi, a very busy, often times chaotic
sushi restaurant.Customers will make their orders, and it is your job to pick up the
exact order off of the conveyor belt anddeliver the food the fastest. That would be
easy, if the conveyor belt would just cooperate with you. Definitions:Aces are
Ones.Nulls are Zero.Coins are ‘dishes’Pawns are ‘waiters’ Order Up!Put the tiles
face down in 4 piles by suit. Each player draws a tile from each pile. Eachtile
represents an order for that particular type of sushi. Players record their orders,
anddo not show other players. When this is done, all of the tiles are returned to
the table facedown. Set-Up:Remove the Null tiles from the rest of the other
tiles.Put each Null tile value side down in front of each player. These tiles will
serve as the trays.Take the remaining 20 tiles and put them on the table value side
down in a rectangular ring (Conveyor belt)This will create one row of 7, a column of
three on each side and, another row of 7.

  Place the corner tiles at 45 degree angles so the conveyor belt forms a rounded
  rectangle.C CC CC CC CC CC C
(In this diagram, the blank squares represent tiles; the black Xs represent empty
spaces and the Cs as coins) Take out all of the coins, and turn them value side
down.Put 10 coins value side down on the inner “track” on the two middle sections of
theconveyor belt, 1 coin value side down on the inner “track” on the corners of the
conveyorbelt. Finally, each player places his pawn on one of the corners of the
outer “track”. The45 degree angled corner tiles should prevent a mix-up of inner and
out track in gameplay. Game Play:Each player rolls his or her die; highest roll goes
first and continues to his left. Turn Phases:During your turn, you may do one of the
following;1. Move your pawn.2. Monitor orders.3. Run the Belt.4. Repair the Belt.
Move your Pawn
Roll your die and move your pawn in either direction along the outer track up to
andincluding the number shown. After this is completed, you may pick up an order.
Twowaiters may occupy the same space with out effect.
Monitor Orders
Roll your die and look at both sides of a number of dishes equal to the exact number
asshown on the roll, return these dishes to their place on the belt value side down.
There isno additional step in this turn, as this choice is the most strategic.
Run the Belt
Roll your die, and move a chain of dishes (a connected line of two or more coins) up
to(and including) the number shown, counting each square on a tile as one space. A
chainof dishes moves together and is counted as just one dish when moving.If other
dishes are in front of your chain, you cannot move your chain any furtherAfter this
is completed you may pick up an order.

Repair the Belt
Take any corner tile, and swap its position with any other tile (Including another
cornertile) taking all dishes and waiters with the swap. (Orient the tile so that
waiters are onouter track, dishes on the inner track). Take the new corner tile, and
again place it on a 45degree angle, if this is not done, a few dishes will end up on
the outside track You aretaking out one section of the belt, and repairing it with
another section. (Waiters andorders have to move to insure a safe repair job). After
this is done, the player on your leftrolls his die, and moves your pawn up to and
including the number shown in the directionaway from the corner your repaired. Pick-
up an OrderWhen you are instructed to pick up an order, take the dish next to you
and verify it toyour recorded order, if it is a match, place it on your tray. After
this is completed, youmay roll the die and move your pawn, however you may not pick
up any more orders thisturn. If it is not a match, put the dish back on the belt,
from the same location- face up orface down. Delivering The OrderAfter you place the
4th dish on your tray, you are ready to deliver your order. To deliveryour food,
during your turn, instead of any other moves roll your die, if it matches thenumber
of your suited dish on your tray; you deliver the food and win the game. If youfail
to match, your turn ends with no further effect.    Variants:1. For a Harder
(Longer) Game: Arrange the Conveyor belt in any non-circular fashionas long as all
20 tiles are used and only if 90-degree angle turns are made. When adish makes it to
the end of the line, simply move it to the outer track. (The only timea dish may
move from inner to outer track, is when it is at the end of the line) andvice-versa.
Waiters simply move next to the belt, but not on the tiles. 2. For an Easier
(Shorter) Game: Discard null and 5 coins before game starts. Skip the   Order-up!
Portion of the game and just collect the dishes of your choice suit in order,each
player picking a different suit.