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A game for the piecepack by Ken LeyheVersion 2.2, 05/2002Copyright (C) 2001 by
Kenneth Leyhe Sr.2-4 players
ObjectiveAs an interstellar explorer your mission is to colonize more planets then
the otherspecies before you run out of time.
Equipment1 piecepack
Setup1. Each player takes a pawn and a set of coins from the same suit. These
represent aplayer’s ship and power reserves respectively.2. Remove the four null
tiles and place them, face-up, in four separate locations on thetable. These
represent the suns in each of the four solar systems.3. Each player places his pawn
on one of the four suns.4. The remaining tiles are shuffled and placed facedown to
the side. These representplanets.5. On tiles and coins an Ace has a value of 1 and a
Null has a value of 0.
PlayOn a players turn he may do one of the following five actions:
A. Draw and place a planet.B. Colonize a planet.C. Roll die and move ship.D. Play a
coin and move ship.E. Restore power reserves.
A. Draw and place a planet.1. A planet’s suit determines the solar system it will be
played to.2. The value of the planet determines where in the solar system it will be
placed.a. If the planet is the first to be added to a solar system it is placed to
theright of the sun.b. If the value is higher then the last planet to be played in
that system it isadded to the current string of planets.c. If the value is lower
then the last planet to be played in that system it isadded to the sun.
B. Colonize a planet.

1. The player must be on the plane the wishes to colonize.2. Only planets can be
colonized, a sun cannot.3. A player must have coins left in his stash to colonize.4.
If the planet is not colonized the player can attempt to colonize it.a. The player
determines if any coins will be used for colonization.b. The player rolls the die
and adds the value of any coins used.c. With the exception of an Ace planet, if the
modified roll is higher then theplanet’s value the player has colonized it.1. The
player discards any coins used for the roll.2. The player places a coin on the
planet to show the colony.d. An Ace planet can only be colonized by using a Null or
Ace coin or rollinga Null or Ace on the die. If the player uses a Null or Ace coin
or rolls a Nullor Ace then the player has colonized the planet. The same rules
forsuccess still apply.e. If the modified roll is unsuccessful the player discards
any coins used and
ends his turn.5. If the planet is colonized by another player you must first destroy
the existingcolony.a. The player rolls the die.1. If the roll is equal to or higher
then the value of the colony it isdestroyed, unless it is a value 0 colony.2. If the
value of the colony is 0 only a roll of a Null or Ace can destroy it.3. If the roll
is less then the value of the colony the attempt is failed.4. If the colony is
destroyed it is removed from play.b. Once a colony has been destroyed, the player
may, on his next turnattempt to colonize the planet.
C. Roll die and move ship.1. Two ships may never be on the same planet, but they may
pass each other.2. Several factors determine what moves a player can make when he
rolls thedie.a. If a player rolls a Null he may warp to another systems sun as long
as it isunoccupied.b. If a player is on a planet on which he owns a colony and he
rolls an Acehe may warp to any planet of the same value that is unoccupied.c. If the
player rolls an Ace through five he may move a number of planetsup to his roll with
two exceptions.1. He may not leave the system he is in (except where noted above).2.
To move onto or through a planet with an opponent’s colony counts astwo moves.
D. Play a coin and move ship.1. You may discard your Null coin and move to any
unoccupied sun.

2. If you are on a planet you have a colony on and you have a coin that has thesame
value you may warp to an unoccupied planet with the same value inanother system.
E. Restore power reserves1. You may select one of your discarded coins and return it
to your stash.2. If you are on a sun you may select two of your discarded coins and
returnthem to your stash.
Winning1. The game ends when a player has no more coins left. At this point all
other playersare allowed one last move.2. Scores are tallied and the highest scoring
player wins.

Colonies Score Awarded
Each planet colonized. Points equal to the value of the planet.
Each colony on an Ace planet. + 5 points
Each colony where the value of the colony
equals the value of the planet. + 2 points
Player has five colonies at the end of the game. + 3 points
Player has six colonies at the end of the game. + 5 points

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