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# 5 Comments. # Another strategy one could adopt would be to use coin faces for the towers partitioning the ranks into 3 groups (so you have 4-5 coins in each group) while using dice/pawns as caps. Somewhat easy partitions to remember are "specials", "odd numbers" and "even numbers"; n-a, 2-3, and 4-5; or n-3, a-4, 2-5 (i.e. the modulo 3 congruence classes).

Or another strategy could be to use coin faces AND dice faces for the towers (say 5 '2's, 5 '3's, 4 '4's) so you would have 4-5 towers in each rank and then use pawns divided into two groups as caps. Or maybe 3 pawns plus 3 'null' coin faces as caps.

-- TrevorLDavis 2018-11-12 18:46 UTC

Or maybe have the "caps" be three remaining coins and three dice and instead of putting them on top of the "towers" instead place the the "caps" underneath the "towers". In this way they don't visually occlude the tower type but it is still pretty easy to see which towers have caps and which type of cap they have.

-- TrevorLDavis 2018-11-12 20:28 UTC

On second thought if you have two identical piecepacks it should be possible to throw together all 48 coins and re-arrange them such that you have 6 coin backs for all 4 suits as well as 4-5 coin faces for exactly 3 ranks of your choice. Good rank choices may be "null" for the 1st "red" piecepack suit, "2" for the third "green" piecepack suits and "3" for the 4th "blue" piecepack suit (or maybe go "ace", "3", "4" if you are more used to indexing the 1st element of a set with a one instead of zero). Then use remaining coins and dice as caps underneath the coin faces.

-- TrevorLDavis 2018-11-12 20:47 UTC

Technically with two identical piecepacks you could re-arrange the 48 coins so you have 6 coin backs for all 4 suits as well as 6 coin faces for 4 ranks of your choice. Or even 8 coin backs for 3 suits of your choice and 8 coin faces for 3 ranks of your choice. Could be interesting configuration for an 6/8 player game or 2 player game (i.e. suits versus numbers) using only two identical standard piecepacks.

-- TrevorLDavis 2018-11-12 20:55 UTC

Yeah, I had some similar ideas in a paragraph I excised. But I'm only seeking ergonomic ways to play AC with pp.

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-11-13 01:30 UTC

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