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# 3 Comments. # As far as I can see the Printable Piecepack by Bill Browne and the Nine-Suit Piecepack by Chris Sakkas are the same. The former has the same design but just no additional suits (and is missing the pawns and dice). I assume that the Nine-Suit Piecepack came first? Or was it the other way around? If the former is a derivative of the latter, it is against the CC BY-SA license of the latter as it neither mentions the original nor does it have a similar license (as it has none, so is copyrighted).

-- selfthinker 2019-06-22 11:55 UTC

Looking in the Yahoo archives it seems that that Nine-Suit Piecepack is also by Bill Browne and is an extension of his earlier "Printable Piecepack" - I've moved them both onto one line in the Downloadable Piecepack Sets under the name Bill Browne:

However I think Chris Sakkas and Bill Browne are actually the same person in which case maybe we should attribute them both to Chris Sakkas since that is the name he seems to prefer to go by most recently? For example there are no messages by Bill Browne after a certain date and no message by Chris Sakkas before a certain date and Bill Browne wrote to the mailing list about writing a book of public domain piecepack games and then the Free Culche Piecepack book came out by Chris Sakkas and all the files by both names were hosted on the same libre culture website...

-- TrevorLDavis 2019-06-23 04:21 UTC

Interesting! Thanks for digging that out. Another clue is that that message by Bill Browne says he designed the Nine-Suit Piecepack, but the SVG that he links to says it was designed by Chris Sakkas:

"Piecepack set designed by Chris Sakkas of Living Libre (" (It's at the center right together with a notice that it's licensed under CC BY-SA. You have to open it in an SVG software to see it.)

As Chris Sakkas is the author listed in the actual file and it's the more complete design, I would rather choose that name than Bill Browne. Or maybe it's best to say "by Chris Sakkas aka Bill Browne". I will change it to that.

-- selfthinker 2019-06-23 08:15 UTC

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