Players 2-4
Length 45 minutes
Equipment Required cup or bag
Designer Robert Mundschau
Version 01.00
Version Date 2002-03-15
License custom license: This game may be distributed freely without charge, but the author retains full ownership rights.


Players race to be the first to gather and place their spirit stones on the moon totem spaces of the spirit wheel.


Reviews & Comments

Entry in the TimeMarchesOn contest.

I played a couple of games of Coyote Moon with my wife because she loves the theme. And I agree, the game's theme and story are wonderful! The game play itself, however, at least in the two-player game we played, seemed to be somewhat lacking in meaningful choices. It's certainly still enjoyable and light. We'll certainly play again, though not likely as often as some other piecepack games. (./) -- ClarkRodeffer

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