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Coyote Moon
Author: Robert Mundschau
Version: 01.00
Date: 3/15/02This game may be distributed freely without charge, but the
authorretains full ownership rights.
Summary of Play:Players race to be the first to gather and place their spirit stones
on the moon totem spacesof the spirit wheel.
Number of Players: 2 to 4
Time to Play:  Approximately 45 min.
Required Materials:1 piecepack1 suitable container for randomly drawing coins
Story:The 4 braves and the shaman squatted around the fire. The shaman had
instructedthe braves carefully on how to build the fire so that it would burn
steadily throughout theirspiritual journey. Directly overhead the Coyote moon shone
down upon them. Theshaman sang of the 6 totem animals of the moon and how their
dance through the sky hadguided their people since the awakening. As he sang of each
totem animal, he drew theirtotem in the earth around the fire: the fox, the eagle,
the wolf, the deer, the bear, and thecoyote.
Earlier that day each of the braves had gathered 6 small stones and marked themwith
the totem animal signs as instructed by the shaman. Now each of the braves
placedtheir stones on the matching totems around the fire. The shaman looked up at
the moonand said a prayer of thanks to the animal spirits and asked for their
guidance. The shamandrew herbs from his robe and threw them into the fire. The
flames surged high for amoment, and changed from yellow to blue. The braves stared
into the bluish flames, andtogether they and the shaman left the mortal realm and
entered the spiritual plane.
The shaman pointed to his right, and the braves looked. All was dark outside
thecircle of bluish light from the fire, except a narrow path curving into the
darkness lit only bythe moon overhead. That is the path to our ancestors who can
guide us with their wisdomexplained the shaman. Then the shaman pointed to his left.
Again the braves could see afaint path. That is the path to our descendants who will
warn us against ruin. The shamanexplained how following each path long enough will
lead to the other and back to thepresent as the great circle of creation can never
be broken.
The shaman looked up at the moon, and the braves looked up as well. “What doyou
see?”, asked the shaman. “It is the Owl moon”, said one brave. “No”, said another,
“itis the Fox moon”. The braves looked at each other in wonder and confusion. “Each
of youwill see the moon of the Totem animal that has chosen you for this journey.”,
explained the

shaman, “Now gather up your spirit stones.”. The braves reached for their stones,
but theywere no longer around the fire.
“The spirits have taken your stones and hidden them on the path”, explained
theshaman, “Go, find your stones and return them to their totems around the fire.
The first tocomplete this task is the strongest among you.”. The four braves had
seen many strangethings under the guidance of the shaman, but a race was something
familiar and welcome.All four braves paused only a moment, and then they were gone
down the path in bothdirections. The shaman squatted by the fire to wait.
Setup:1. Each player chooses a color and takes the corresponding Pawn and Die.2.
Arrange the 6 Moon suit tiles and any other 6 tiles (grid face up) in a circle as
shown infigure 1.3. Place all 24 coins in a container, or on a surface suit side
down. Scramble the coins tofacilitate a random drawing.4. Have one player draw coins
one at a time and place them on the empty grid tile squares,one coin per square, see
Figure 1. Place the coins, suit side up, starting at any point on thering and moving
clockwise to ensure that the player placing the coins is not cheating byplacing the
randomly drawn coins in a favorable fashion.5. Players roll their die to see who
will go first. Suit is high and Null is low.6. All players roll their die again, and
place their pawn and die on the moon suit tile whosevalue matches the value of their
die. That tile is the player’s start and finish tile for the race.7. Begin play with
the player who won the toss in step 5.

The Board:The board is 2 concentric rings linked at 6 points indicated by the Moon
tiles. The Grid tilesrepresent 2 parallel paths. Travel on the inner path may only
occur in a counterclockwisemanner. Counterclockwise travel represents spiritual
travel back in time to speak with tribalancestors. Travel on the outer track may
only be in a clockwise direction. Clockwise travelrepresents a spiritual journey
forward in time to see the future.
A player may only change their direction of travel from a Moon tile. Once a player
startsmovement down a path, the player must continue down that path to the next moon
tile. Asa result, each moon tile has exactly two entry points and two exit points.
Figure 2 shows the legal paths for movement on the board. Each tile square, or moon
tile isequal to a single space for the purpose of movement. Any number of spirit
stones mayoccupy a given space on the board.

for each spirit stone in the space being entered that does not belong to the
player.You must have all of the points needed to enter a space.- To pick up a spirit
stone costs 1 movement point. Your pawn must be in thespace containing the spirit
stone to pick it up. You can only pick up a spirit stone ofyour own color. Unless
the game has fewer than 4 players, in which case you canpick up stone of a color not
belonging to any player in the game to gain additionalMPs in subsequent turns.- To
Drop a spirit stone costs 1 movement point. Place spirit stone in your hand i nthe
space your pawn currently occupies.- You may pick up at most 1 spirit stone per
turn. You are not required to pick up aspirit stone each turn.- You may drop at most
1 spirit stone per turn. You are not required to drop a spiritstone each turn.- You
do not have to spend all your movement points, but any points not spent arelost, and
can not be carried over to your next turn.- You can never enter a path space
occupied by an opponents pawn, and you cannot pass an opponents’ pawn.-You can enter
a spirit square (moon tile) that contains an opponents’ pawn withoutany
restrictions. Any spirit stones carried by an opposing player DO NOT increasethe
number of MPs you must spend to enter a spirit square with that player’s pawnalready
in it.3. When a player has finished her move and if the game is not won, then play
proceeds tothe next player clockwise around the table.
To Win:- A player must place each of her spirit stones on the corresponding totem
space (matchingcoin value to tile value: null=null, 2=2, 3=3,4=4, 5=5, and spiral =
Moon), and return to thetotem space where they started play. The starting totem
space is marked by the player’sdie.