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Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded,Survived.

   A “History Repeats Itself” game for the piecepackCopyright © 2003 By: Eric Witt V3.0
   04/14/032-4 players, 30 minutes for standard game, longer for listed variants.
   License Restrictions: This game may be distributed freely without charge, as long as
   thisheader stays in place. The author retains full ownership rights.   Out of all of
   the kings and queens in the Tudor dynasty, King Henry the VIII(1509-1547) is perhaps
   the most well known. After his marriage to Catherine of Aragon,Henry wanted to
   divorce from her, against Roman Catholic mandates. Not agreeing withthe Pope, Henry
   starts the English reformation, branching off into the Anglican Church.Henry then
   marries 5 more times during his reign, the historical order of his wife’s goalswhich
   is best remembered in the mnemonic device “Divorced, Beheaded, Died,
   Divorced,Beheaded, Survived.” Now you can live the live of King Henry the VIII and
   give your six wives the same fates.

Materials Needed:
  1 Piecepack; the dice are not needed.  Pencil and Paper per player may help, but is
  not required for the standard game.  See the section “Score Card” if pencil and paper
  are used.  The variant “Fruit Cocktail” has its own advanced scorecard, which is
  requiredfor play.
To meet 4 different goals; “divorce” two of your own queens, “behead” two of yourqueens,
have one of your queens “die”, and to have one of your queens “survive”. Eachof these
goals requires a different interaction of pieces and or positions to be met. Referto the
“Goals” section.

   Pawns are called “kings” in this game, and are represented in all pictures as
   acolored circle with a square inside it.   Coins are called “queens” in this game,
   and are represented in all pictures ascolored circles. Colored circles indicate a
   face-down coin. All queens remain face downfor the entire game, with the exception of
   variant games.   A Space is a 1/4th square on a tile.
Tiles are of no significant importance in this game, they just form the game boardon
which the pieces move. In all pictures, the tiles are simulated as black crosses;
thecenter of each tile is represented by a black dot. See Setup below.
Set Up:
A diagram for the setup can be found on the top of the next page. Place all tiles face
down on the table. Arrange the tiles in a 5 by 5 square, leaving a onetile hole in the
middle. This hole has a special term; “The Graveyard” and also hasspecial rules. Refer
to the section “The Graveyard” discussed later in this ruleset. Turn all the queens face
down and group by color/suit. Each player chooses a color, and acorner on the board.
Each player puts four of his coins on the corner tile closest to him ina random order.
Place the fifth queen on the space directly above this corner tile, and thesixth coin on
the space directly to right of this tile in such a way that each corner of thegame board
has a triangle of coins, three coins long on the side, with a coin in the cornerformed
by these sides. Place kings on the most distant tile in the center of the board from the
queens, in the samecorner of that tile as the queens are in relation to the board as a
whole. If two players are playing, each player takes a corner opposite each other.

Choose a player to start the game. He moves any one of his pieces or he may choose
tomake a jump/capture move instead. A player may not move and capture in the sameturn.
His turn is then over. Refer to “movement” below.
 Kings: the kings move one space up, down, left or right as long as the space the kingis
 moving to is open. Kings when not satisfying a goal may only jump over opposingkings.
 Kings jumped by another king retain its space on the board and are notpenalized in any
 way. Capture possibilities depend on what goals the player has left tosatisfy. Refer to
 the “Goal” section for more information. Queens: The queens move just like a king; one
 space up, down, left or right as long asthe space the queen is moving to is open. A
 queen may only jump over anotherqueen. Queens jumped by a queen retain its space on the
 board, and are notpenalized in any way. Refer to the section “The Graveyard” for
 special rules governing that section of the board.
In order to win the game, you must satisfy 4 Goals, in the standard game, you can
achievethese Goals in any order;
Your king must capture one of your queens by push-capture. A push-capture isachieved by
pushing the queen off the board in a straight (The push CAN NOT turna corner),
unobstructed line by sliding your king to the queen’s space (The push cannot involve
more than 2 pieces total). You can only divorce a queen when it is on theedge of the
board and your king is next to the queen you want to divorce. It mighthelp to think that
Henry is pushing a queen out of his territory. You CAN NOTdivorce a queen by pushing her
into The Graveyard. You must meet this goal twotimes.
Your king must jump over one of your queens and remove it from the board. A Jumpcan only
be made if the space immediately after the queen you are jumping is empty.(This move is
just like a jump in Checkers, yet you may make the move in anystraight non diagonal
line.) You may not “double-behead” or make two beheadingmoves in the same turn.The
symbolism in this move isn’t as clear, but it symbolizes Henry taking the life of aqueen
via beheading. You must meet this goal two times.

You must move one of your queens to the graveyard. Once this is done, the queen is
saidto have “died”. See the section “The Graveyard” for more information. Most of us
areburied in a graveyard when we die, so this symbolism is perhaps the clearest. You
onlyneed to meet this goal once.
The easiest goal; simply get one of your queens to the corner tile (any space on
thecorner tile) on the board, (the opposite corner from where you started) and removeit
from the game on the next turn. The symbolism here is that you survived living withyour
king, and you live on after he dies yet you must leave the territory. You only need
tomeet this goal once.
Score card:
It is optional for each player to make a score card as shown, when a goal is
completed,check it off.Goal Completed

The Graveyard:
The hole in the exact middle of the board is called the graveyard. It might help to
imaginean extra tile here, as the graveyard should be sectioned off like a regular tile.
Kings cannot enter this ‘tile’. The only time a queen can enter this space is when you
are meetingthe goal “Died”. To enter the tile, simply move the queen ‘off’ the board
into thegraveyard as your move. The space where the queen enters should be treated as if
it was aregular space with the following exceptions; Once a queen enters the graveyard,
she is “frozen” in this space; you can not move thisqueen for the rest of the game. One
queen per space in the graveyard. A queen can not jump over another queen that is
already in the graveyard. You CAN NOT Divorce a queen by pushing her into The Graveyard.

Winning The Game:
On the turn a player satisfies all of his Goals, he wins the game.
 Note: Just because one player chooses to play one of the following variants in agame,
 does not necessarily mean the other players have to play it also. It is possibleto play
 one game, with each player playing any variant they chose. This is an idealsituation
 for handicapping weaker players. For all variants:Nulls count as Zeros, Aces count as
 Ones.The order of numbers is; 0 1 2 3 4 5An Ace-Queen or a Two-Queen etc, is the queen
 of your color with that number.Setup is still the same, except some queens may now be
 face up.When your queens are face up, orient them pip facing you at all times, to
 preventconfusion of ownership.  Variant#1- Place the queens as discussed in setup,
 after setup is complete, turn allthe Queens over. Meet your first goal of your choice
 with your Null-queen, thesecond goal of you choice with your Ace-queen, and so on.
 Variant #2-Your Goals must be met in historical order; Divorce, Behead, Died,Divorce
 Behead, Survive. Variant #3-A combination of Variant 1 and 2; Not only complete the
 game inhistorical order, but complete the game also in numerical order; Place the
 queens asdiscussed in setup, after setup is complete, turn all the Queens over. Your
 ‘null’queen must be removed by divorce, your ‘ace’ queen must be removed by
 beheading,your ‘two’ coin must be removed by dying, and so on in number and
 historicalorder. Orient your queens facing you at all times, to prevent confusion of
 ownership.  Fruit Cocktail (A Mixture of Variants 2, 3, and 4)Note; this variant takes
 about 5 minutes to set up.The advanced score card for this variant is at the bottom of
 the page. Set up the board as normal, but turn all the queens for players playing fruit
 cocktailface down on the table next to the board.  1. Each Player playing Fruit
 Cocktail picks up two queens of their color, and flipsthem over, put down the goal that
 corresponds to number of the queen written inthe historical order. (Nulls are zero, and
 therefore you need to count nulls as one,which then offsets each other number)

This assigns what goal these queens have to meet, but in any order not assigned toyour
other queens. For example, if you draw your Two-queen during this step, itmust meet the
goal “died”, but can do this as any number goal not already assigned 2. Each Player
playing Fruit Cocktail picks up two more queens of their color, andflip them over. Put
these two numbers in place in the Order section on the scoresheet. You must meet the nth
goal with the nth queen for these two queens. (If youdraw a 3 and a 5, for example, your
3rd goal must be made with your three-queen,and 5th goal with your five-queen) You can
meet these goals with any method notassigned to your other queens. (If divorce or
beheading is only assigned once in stepone, you may choose to divorce or beheading for
either of these queens if you wish) 3. Queens not assigned an order or goal can meet any
remaining goal in any ordernot assigned, since these goals or orders are never declared,
a player can changethem as he sees fit during game play, with out any declaration to
other players. Thisbeing said, each player must Divorce exactly two times, Behead
exactly two times,have exactly one queen die, and exactly one queen survive. 4. Place
all the queens of your color face-up on your corner of the board (Just likethe standard
game, except all of the queens are now face up) and place your king inthe same place as
the regular game. 5. Play the game as usual, but remember to maintain the assigned
HistoricalOrder QueenNumber GoalOrder GoalRequired Completed
1.Divorced 0 / Null
2.Beheaded 1 / Ace3.Died 2 / Two
4.Divorced 3 / Three
5.Beheaded 4 / Four
6.Died 5 / Five