Players 3-4
Length 5-10 minutes
Equipment Required one standard piecepack
Designer Jessica Eccles
Version 1.0
Version Date 2016-12
License CC0 Public Domain Dedication


Colourfully dressed fairies race through the garden at dusk, one by one they light up and you can no longer tell them apart. Now you must pay close attention as the fairies race and swap places because whoever gets to the end first wins.

This game is a port of Geistertreppe (Spooky Stairs) by Michelle Schanen.


You'll need the following pieces:

Set up the tiles face up into a winding race track (suits and values have no game relevance). Each player chooses a suit and places their fairy (Null coin) suit side up on the starting tile and takes their reminder coin.

The player who last saw fairies starts and play continues clockwise. Players take turns rolling the die and moving.

On a roll of 2-5 the player moves their fairy that number of spaces.

On a roll of Ace or Null the player causes a fairy of their choice to light up (flips it over). When all fairies are lit up the player must swap the positions of two of the fairies on a roll of Ace or Null.

The winner is the player whose fairy gets to the finish line first.


public domain / CC0

To the extent possible under law, Jessica Eccles has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Fairy Lights.

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