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Froggy Bottom

A Changing Landscape game for the piecepack by Clay Blankenship
Version 1.0, January 16, 2003
Copyright (C) 2003 by Clay Blankenship
2 players -- 10 minutes
Equipment Required: piecepack


The frogs of Froggy Bottom are having a race to see who is the fastest. Each frog will visit all five of his home lily pads and return to his starting place. The frog that does this first is the winner!



Place 12 tiles face down in a 3x4 grid. The small squares will form a 6x8 grid, representing Froggy Bottom Pond. These 48 spots are potential sites for lily pads (coins). Each player chooses a color. Remove the blank coins of the two neutral colors.

Each player sets aside his or her blank coin. The other coins are placed symbol-up and shuffled. Players then alternate placing the other player's coins on the board (symbol-up). Each small square may only hold one coin. You should try to space your opponent's coins far apart to make it more difficult for them to visit all their lily pads.

Next, alternate placing the neutral coins on the board. Then, each player places their blank lily pad blank side up with their token (frog) on top. Finally, flip the neutral coins over to show the number sides.


The object of the game is to visit each lily pad of your color and return to your home. When a lily pad of your color is reached, it is flipped to show the number side.

A turn consists of the following steps:

  1. You may move a lily pad one space orthogonally. This may not be a lily pad that is symbol-side-up, or one with a frog on it. 2. Move your frog in one of the following ways:
a. Any frog may swim one space orthogonally.
b. A frog on a lily pad may jump orthogonally a number of spaces equal to the number on the pad. Count blanks, aces, and opponent's symbols as ones. If you would overshoot the edge of the pond, stop at the edge. If you land by exact count on a pad showing a number, you may continue to hop. Whenever you land on your symbol, flip it to the number side. This ends your turn.

When all of your symbols have been turned over and your frog returns to its home pad, you win. You may look at the bottom of the two blanks if you forget which is which.