This is an AutoGeneratedTextVersion of Fuji-san


DATE 17 January 2004
AUTHOR James Kyle
COPYRIGHT public domain
PLAYTIME 10 minutes
COMPONENTS 1 piecepack


Four Shinto Priests have traveled from their various prefectures in pilgrimage to the top of Mount Fuji. You must find pathways for them to move up and down the mountain until they can all achieve the summit. Often, this will require you to guide them into positions from which they can assist each other.


Place the tiles face down in the configuration shown below. The top two steps of the mountain are double-layered for aesthetic reasons only.

         ___ ___         
         ___ ___         
       ___ ___ ___       
     ___ ___ ___ ___     
   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___   
 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 

Shuffle all coins face down (so that the values are hidden). Turn one coin face up onto each space of the mountain thusly: place two sun coins on the rightmost step of the mountain, then moons on the next, then crowns, then arms, then suns, and so on up, then down the mountain.

Place a Priest (pawn) beside each space at both ends of the mountain. If, after setup, there are no legal moves (see Moving A Priest below), roll all four dice. Choose one of the dice and move the Priest whose suit matches that die the number of spaces shown on the die. If there are still no legal moves, foul weather prevents the ascent.

Moving A Priest


The Priests will be content when they all reach the top of the mountain.


Country Road: Once all four Priests have reached the summit, move the coins at the peak to the Priests' original setup positions at the two ends of the mountain and continue until all four Priests have left the mountain. Treat the spaces at the peak as nulls. Once a Priest leaves the mountain, he will not step back on.