Players 3-4
Length 30 minutes
Equipment Required one piecepack, four d12's, 50 smaller tokens and 25 larger tokens in five colors
Designer AvarisClari
Version ?
Version Date 2022-06-04
License Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International license


Hostile Takeover is a basic territory control war game. You and your friends must fight to take control of the fortifications in order to establish yourselves as the true leader of the city.

This game requires one piecepack, four each piecepack suit need one d12, 10 smaller tokens, and 5 larger tokens plus 10 smaller tokens and 5 larger tokens in an additional suit/color. Print-and-play file for these extra tokens were included by the designer. PiecepackMatchsticks would make great smaller/larger tokens for this game but you need five colors.



These rules are released under a Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International license. They are a freely licensed work, as explained in the Definition of Free Cultural Works.


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