Sorry, only the admin can upload files at the moment. Email if you need help.

You can upload files such as PDFs and JPGs to this wiki, and optionally embed your graphic files on other web pages.

1. Create a new page with a name related to your file, such as MyPicture.

2. Visit your new page.

3. Click the Edit this page link at the bottom. A new page will open.

4. Click the Replace this text with a file link at the bottom. A new page will open.

5. Click the Browse button and select your file on your computer. Save the page when you are done.

6. The name of the page, MyPicture, is now a link to your file.

7. To embed an image you have uploaded, refer to it like this:


The wiki will display your image wherever you use this string. For example, you can edit the text of this page to see how the following image is embedded: