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A Traditional Korean game adapted for the piecepack by Michael Schoessow
Version 1.0, January 2004
2 players, 15 minutes

License Agreement: Public Domain

Equipment Needed: 4 tiles, 4 red coins, 4 green coins

Jul-Gonu is a 2-player game. One player is Red and the other player is Green. The four
tiles are arranged into a 2x2 square, grid-side-up, to form a 4 space by 4 space board.
Each player starts the game with the 4 coins of their color on their back rank (the four
squares closest to them when the board is between the players).

Object of the Game
A player wins by capturing three of the other player’s coins.

Movement Rules
Red goes first and players alternate turns thereafter, moving one of their own coins per
turn. Pieces move one space orthogonally and may only move onto empty squares.
Repeating a move back and forth three times in succession (over, back, and over) loses
the game.

Capture is by orthogonal custodianship, i.e., when a coin is moved such that an enemy
coin is trapped between it and another friendly coin, with all three coins in a row with no
gaps and on the same rank or the same file, the enemy coin is captured and removed from
the game. Captures of two coins at once can occur if a straight line of friendly, enemy,
enemy, friendly is formed. A coin that is purposely moved between two enemy coins is
not captured; a player’s coin(s) may only be captured as a result of a belligerent enemy