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Knight’s Tour Redux
A game for the piecepack by Ken LeyheVersion 1.0, 05/2002Copyright (C) 2002 by Kenneth
Leyhe Sr.2 players
ObjectBe the last player able to move.
Equipment1 piecepack
Setup1. Place the tiles face-up so they make a 6x4 board, each player sits at one end.
2. Each player chooses a pawn and puts it on the third tile from the left.3. The coins
are gathered as a common stash.
PlayPlayers alternate turns.1. Move pawn.a. Pawns move as knights in chess. (Move two
tiles in one direction, then onetile at a right angle to the initial direction.)b. Pawns
can only move to unoccupied tiles, without coins or another pawn.2. Place a coin on the
tile that the pawn started this move on.
WinningThe last player to make a move wins.
VariationsFor an added challenge, instead of moving horizontally and vertically move
diagonally.(Move two tiles diagonally one direction, then one tile at a right angle to
the initialdirection.)
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