Players 2-4
Length 20-50 minutes
Equipment Required Piecepack, PiecepackMatchsticks expansion, paper & pencil
Designer Tim Schutz
Version 1.0
Version Date 2021-02-14
License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


A word game where you make the letters.

Players write a 3 to 7 letter word of their choosing onto a piece of paper. All the words are then revealed so everyone can see the words. The object is to claim the individual letters in the words by using two piecepack tiles and the piecepack matchsticks to make the letters using a 16 segment display; and then scoring points for the letter. Once a letter in a word has been claimed, no one else can claim that letter or score on it. Claim as many letters you can before the game ends. You don’t have to focus on one word, you can claim letters in several words. But, there is a small bonus if you claim the majority of letters in a word.

Scoring is based on the matchsticks you used to make a letter. All of the matchsticks except for the null (the null has a special power) can be used two different ways; the normal way which is worth a point, and the “I can make it can fit” way which will help you finish a letter, but reduce the overall points for that letter. There are bonuses for using less colors in your letter; if all the matchsticks are one color triple score, two colors double score, three or four colors means no multiplier.


PDF version: [1]


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Reviews and Comments

This draft is the result of several iterations and playtesting, but may need some tweaking. Please leave your feedback!

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