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Martian Treasure Hunt
A game for the piecepack and Icehouse by Ken LeyheVersion 1.2, 05/2002Copyright (C)
2001 by Kenneth Leyhe Sr.2-4 players
ObjectiveHave the most valuable pile of treasure at the end of the game.
Equipment1 piecepack set4 Icehouse stashes
Setup1. Board set up depends on the number of players.a. For two players the board
is made up of tiles, facedown, in a 3x5 pattern with theplayers at either end of
the long side.b. For four players the board is made up the same as the two player
board withthree additional tiles centered on each side of the short ends of the
board. It willlike a fat plus symbol when complete.2. Each player chooses a set of
coins and places them on their home row (back set ofsquares) face-up in the order
of their choosing. These are a player's pieces.3. The center four squares each get
a large pyramid.4. The next ring of 12 squares each gets a medium pyramid.5. The
next ring of 20 squares each gets a small pyramid.6. Choose two dice, select one
for piece number and one for piece type.
Play1. On a player’s turn he rolls both dice.a. The number die determines which
piece gets moved.b. The type die determines how that piece will move. The piece
moves like thechess piece indicated.
Die Roll Piece Moves Like
Null Pawn
Ace Rook
2 Knight
(A knight is the only piece that can jump over pyramids and friendly pieces.)
3 Bishop
4 Queen
5 King

c. A piece can move as long as it has a clear path, it cannot jump pyramids or
otherpieces.d. A piece can capture an opposing player's piece or any pyramid it
lands on as inchess.1. Only five of any player’s pieces can be captured, when a
player is down toone piece it is considered immune to capture.2. Captured pyramids
are added to a players stash.e. Once a piece has left the back two rows it cannot
re-enter them.f. A piece can never enter another players back 2 rows.g. If a player
rolls a piece that has been captured, he loses that turn.
WinningOnce all pyramids have been captured the scores are tallied and the player
with thehighest score wins.

Pyramid Size Value
Small 1
Medium 2
Large 3
Opponent's Piece 2

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