Piecepack Companion Deck

The Piecepack Companion Deck is a deck consisting of 52 cards split into the four piecepack suits. (Suns, Moons, Crowns, Arms)

Each suit contains 13 cards: six cards numbered Null – A – 2 – 3 – 4 - 5, six face or court cards marked D - J - L - C - Q - K, and one Fool for each suit.

Court cards.

I don’t know that I love the roman numeral for distinction. The typical K – Q – J markings wouldn’t work because the cards do not fall into those classifications. I thought of skipping 6 and going with 7-10 but that may be confusing, so I’m sticking with roman numerals. For now.

Each suit has its own theme for the court cards.
The suns are based around commerce/town life
The moons are nightlife
The arms are military
The crowns are royalty

The courts are known as the following:

Suns - D) ???; J) Poet; L) ???; C) Courier; Q) Madam; K) Merchant

Moons - D) ???; J) Thief; L) ???; C) Ranger; Q) Huntress; K) Scholar

Arms - D) ???; J) Soldier; L) ???; C) Lance ; Q) Maiden [ie. Joan of Arc]; K) General

Crowns - D) Princess ; J) Prince; L) Lady; C) Knight; Q) Queen; K) King

D)'s are the female Jack equivalent, Damsels.
L)'s are the female C) Rider equivalent, Ladies.

In the spirit of versatility I've been toying with a fifth suit of 13 multi suit cards. A major arcana similar to the old tarok decks. These can be marked with Roman numerals:

The backs of all the cards are divided into four quadrants.