Players 2-4
Length 20 minutes
Equipment Required standard piecepack
Designer Steve Beard
Version 1.0
Version Date2009-2-4
License GNU Free Document License, dual-licensed CC BY-SA 4.0


Hyena, the game that piecepack Hyena is ported from, is of unknown age from Africa. In the 1920s, anthropologists, explorers and adventurers found a curious spiral-tracked game being played by the Baggara Arabs of the Sudan: Li'b el Merafib, "The Hyena Game".

The board was often drawn in the sand, with players using any objects available as pawns. It is a fairly basic race game, with an elimination element once the first player has finished.

Villagers head towards a well, camping overnight on the way. Once they have reached the well they return via the same trail. When the first villager has reached the village, hyena begins chasing the remaining villagers, beginning from the well.




Reviews & Comments

Hyena can be fun for little children who are learning to play altogether, and a game of interest for anthropologists or game history aficionados. Otherwise it is a purely automatic pastime.

This is a faithful adaptation.

-- Antonio Recuenco Muñoz


BGG page: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/41922

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