Re-licensed Games

Sometimes game designers re-license their games. And sometimes they cannot or don't want to update the original rules. Saying it somewhere publicly is usually enough but gets lost easily. This page collects which designers have re-licensed which games and where they have said it.

Not all the games' pages reflect that license yet.

Clark Rodeffer

Clark Rodeffer wrote "with the exception of War and Piecepack (which is owned by Blue Panther), for any of my other piecepack games that may have originally been released under various other licensing, feel free to now use them under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)" on a BGG forum thread.

Ron Hale-Evans

Ron Hale-Evans wrote "all my existing piecepack games (and the ones I've coauthored with Marty) are now licensed under CC-BY-SA" in a mailinglist post.

Original Licenses

An attempt is being made to sort games by their original licenses here: