Pub sCrawl

Pub sCrawl

Players 2
Length ?? minutes
Equipment Required standard piecepack, paper and pencil
Designer JonathanDietrich
Version 0.1
Version Date2006-09-08
License Re-licensed CC BY-SA 4.0


Competing teams of pledges are on the last legs of the annual Pledge Pub Speed Crawl (Pub sCrawl). You and your opponent will head up one of these teams. Most of the pledges have only pub left to stop at to complete their evening, the Weaver's Arms, and then they can head on home to the frat house. Hopefully none of your brothers will be sent back to Phil's for another drink, or end up spending too much time throwing up on the stairs to the frat house. Good Luck.

An entry in the GoodPortsmanship contest. Based on the game Senet.


Reviews & Comments

Pub sCrawl, a port of Senet, by Jonathan Dietrich. If Take Off, Eh! is the thematic high point of the contest, Pub sCrawl is the low point. I personally found the theme, a drinking contest where players try to avoid vomiting on the steps of the frat house, distasteful to the point of causing me to procrastinate playtesting the game. However, when I actually played it, it was surprisingly enjoyable. The mechanics work quite well, especially for a roll-and-move game. They add some strategy to Senet with blind bidding for the initiative to move, and they speed Senet up with some mechanics borrowed from its descendant, Backgammon. The game also makes good use of the components of a single piecepack. This is the only port of an abstract game in the contest, and if it had stayed abstract, it would have scored a lot better. I would advise the author to lose the theme, and maybe reduce the number of rounds in the game (each round is equivalent to an entire game of Senet), or let the players decide how many rounds they will play. Removing or changing the theme would reveal another of the game's strong points: playtesters agreed that it would be an excellent game to play with kids, except for the inappropriate theme.

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