San Andreas

Players 3-4
Length 45 minutes
Equipment Required single standard piecepack
Designer James Kyle
Version 1.1.0
Version Date 2003-03-04
License public domain, dual-licensed CC0 Public Domain Dedication


The big one is coming! don't wall in the Pacific Ocean.


The starting board for SanAndreas is a map of California:

Reviews & Comments

Entry in the ChangingLandscapes contest:

San Andreas is a fairly quick game that probably falls into the category of "filler", perfect at the beginning or end of a game evening. It's a great little game (and extra-interesting for those of us living on the California coast) using tiles arrayed to form a map of California, with pieces tilting or shifting in response to earthquakes during the game. Players are scored on towns they place, with the ones near the coast being more lucrative, IF they make it to the end of the game without being buried (literally) or falling into the ocean. Good fun.


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