I'm from Madrid (Spain) and like board games in general although I love thematic games (AT) and game systems such as this one or the Decktet and Icehouse

I learned about this great game system years ago and when I made my first copy with cardboard and started trying some games (1 or 2 player mostly). It seems to me this game system should reach much more people, and could be a big hit if enough people were exposed to it. It really could be like a deck of cards (or all the classic boardgames) and become a common item in people's homes...

These are the games I've designed so far:

Other interests of mine are programing for the mac, (I've got some games at ) and making and playing music. My latest musical project is on my myspace and some of my older songs and other general stuff is at my website: and the band I used to play on is El Circulo de Willis. We released a CD back in 2004 and all the tracks are available for download under a CC license (downloadable from the website)

Here's a picture of a piecepack set I built as a gift (my second one):

Wow, Jorge! That's a beautiful set! -- ClarkRodeffer

Thanks :)

Where did you get the dice and would you mind showing us the face with the suit symbol? They look nice. -JEEP

They are regular spot dice. I just covered the 6th side with a colored label (and the 1st side with a transparent label to compensate a bit :) . I have another set with labels on all sides, but I don't like how it feels when taking them in the hand... -JorgeArroyo

And here is a photo of a board for the game Piecepack Letterbox by Ron Hale-Evans with the Seasons set I built years ago (my third set). This time I used thinner cardboard and now both sets fit the same small box I used to carry my regular set :)


Again, this is a beautiful set. I can't wait to see your interpretation of the playing cards suits, regardless of whether you use French suits, German suits, or Spanish / Italian suits. Very nice work, Jorge! -- ClarkRodeffer

Thanks a lot!! :) . As a matter of fact, I already did a french suits set in the computer, but haven't printed it yet... I still think about the spanish suit set, but haven't really done anything worth showing... --JorgeArroyo

And here is my first laser engraved sample:

And the dice:

Nice laser work, Jorge! Have you considered painting the dice, faces of the tiles and backs of the coins before printing? -- ClarkRodeffer

Yes, I have, but haven't tried yet. I'm not sure how it would look with the wood on the tiles, as it's covered with something that makes it very smooth, maybe it would work with the dice and the plywood... --JorgeArroyo