Players 3-5 per set (2-player variant available)
Length 20 minutes
Equipment Required 1 piecepack set for every 4 students
Designer JorgeArroyo (based on Zendo by Kory Heath)
Version 0.1
Version Date2006-10
License GNU Free Document License , dual-licensed CC BY-SA 4.0


This game is a port for the Icehouse game Zendo to the piecepack system. A master cooker comes up with a recipe to cook a type of piecepack dish and makes an example dish following this recipe out of tiles. Then he makes another one that doesn't follow the recipe. Dishes can be built in any possible way with the tiles horizontal or vertical, stacked or spread out. Even complex structures of tiles can be made. Recipes can be as simple as: The dish must contain at least a red/suns tile. Or as complicated as the master wants, with more than one rule. For example: The dish must contain any number of red/suns tiles as long as the numbers on the tiles add up to 5 and one of them must not touch the table. The other players, in turn, build dishes which the master marks as appropriate, and try to guess the recipe from the master..



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This game was made as a non competing entry to the GoodPortsmanship Contest.

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