Temple of Gold

Players 2-4
Length 30 minutes
Equipment Required standard piecepack, 4 seasons set, 10-20 coins, beads, or other markers in three colors (or pen and paper)
Designer JorgeArroyo
Version 0.5
Version Date2010-03-29
License CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 , dual-licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


In Temple of Gold, players are explorers searching through the jungle, trying to find an ancient Temple that is supposed to be filled with gold. On the way to the Temple, players will need to overcome obstacles (adventures) of different kinds by spending different types of resources in order to build a safe passageway through the jungle. Players have limited space in their backpacks and their movement is reduced as they carry more weight, so they have to choose carefully what equipment to carry.

Players get gold either by finding treasures along the way, by getting to the temple and by being the ones with most completed adventures of each type. At the end of the game, the one with most gold will be the winner.

Temple of Gold is a port of Goldland, from Wolfgang Kramer. This piecepack version is smaller and plays a bit faster than the original game. The basic exploring mechanic is mostly the same, as players lay tiles down to make the board, representing the different types of areas to explore. There are fewer types of resources/equipment items and also fewer types of obstacles/adventures to overcome, but the way they work is the same too.

The biggest change is the way treasure locations are decided. To take advantage of the numbers in the tiles, there is a new system where the numbers are clues that say how many steps in one direction a treasure could be found. When 2 tiles point to the same tile in two different axis of the board, then a treasure will be found there. This adds a level of deduction to the game.

An entry in the GoodPortsmanship contest. Based on the game Goldland.


Since the contest, the rules for the game have been revised and clarified. Also a few mistakes have been corrected. Also a small text playaid has been added. The game should be now quite playable.



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