Dungeon Crawl

Players 2-4
Length 45 mins
Equipment Required One standard piecepack
Designer James Kyle and PaulShope
Version 0.2b, 23 May 2001
Version Date 2001-05-23
Licence Re-licensed CC0 Public Domain Dedication



Photo courtesy Brett & Board

One of the first games available for the piecepack.

After building the dungeon, players move their characters (pawns) around the dungeon seeking treasure (crown coins). Monstrous denizens (moon coins) and deadly traps (sun coins) pose hazards which may cause damage (value-up coins in players' holdings), but defeating these challenges earns experience useful for later encounters (suit-up coins in players' holdings). Players may also attack each other in an attempt to steal treasure or equipment (arms coins). Once the final treasure has been found, the game ends,and the player with the highest total value in treasure wins.




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One of the OriginalSevenGames.

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BGG page: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/35894

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