Speedy Towers

Players 2-6
Length 5 minutes
Equipment Required at least 1 standard piecepack for every 2 players
Designer Jessica Eccles
Version 0.7
Version Date 2018-06-30
License CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication


Speedy Towers is a real-time tower building game for the piecepack. Build your tiles the fastest to win.




PDF versions (edited/illustrated by TrevorLDavis): Sheet (letter, A4), Pamphlet (letter, A4)





These rules are in the public domain. They are a freely licensed work, as explained in the Definition of Free Cultural Works.

Reviews and Comments

their first tile
what determines what the first tile is?
start placing their pieces one at a time
how many coins can be placed on top of a tile in a tower?

If players knock over a tower while placing a piece they remove the fallen pieces, they take four of them each for themselves and push the rest aside.

If two players knock down seven pieces they each take half rounded down and push the remainder aside.

These two sentences seem to contradict each other. Eg. What happens with 5 fallen pieces?

Is it implied that pieces pushed aside will not need to be stacked?


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for checking out the game and pointing out unclear rules. I have simplified the knocking down penalty rule and added some clarifications to the other rules.

A light, fun, tower-stacking dexterity game. Think Jenga as a genre and you won't be far off. If you knew how much I hate Jenga, you'd know how surprised I was to enjoy this game. The innovative rules for which suits and values can be stacked on which others make this little entry surprisingly strategic in real time. Additionally, the normally-serious playtesters involved were observed giving this one plenty of smiles and laughs.

You can play Speedy Towers multiple times in an hour and still have plenty of change left over. Recommended!

--RonHaleEvans, Where No One Has Gamed Before, October 2018

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