Speedy Towers Rules

Players 2-6
Length 5 minutes
Equipment Required at least 1 standard piecepack for every 2 players
Designer Jessica Eccles
Version 0.7
Version Date 2018-06-30
License Public Domain


Speedy Towers is a real-time tower building game for the piecepack. Build your tiles the fastest to win.



You need the piecepack tiles, coins and pawns. Shuffle the tiles face down and place 1 fewer than the number of players (but at least 2) in the middle of the table. These will form the foundations of the towers. Divide the rest evenly among the players. Shuffle the coins and divide them among the players likewise. Give each player one pawn.


The fastest player (or whoever won the last game) turns over the foundation tiles in the middle of the table. As soon as the last foundation tile has been turned over players may turn over one of their tiles and start placing their pieces one at a time onto one of the foundations in the middle.

Players may only have one face up tile at a time. Coins may be flipped to either side at any time.

Players race to empty their piles following the following placement rules:

Players may not touch the towers except with the new piece they are placing.

If the tile they have cannot be placed they may turn it face down and turn over a different tile.

If a player(s) knocks over a tower while placing a piece they take a fallen piece and push the rest aside out of the game. Anything touching the playing surface except for the foundation is considered to be fallen.

Winning the Game

The person who empties their pile first and sets their pawn on top of the highest tower without knocking it over wins. In the case of a tie share the win or play again.

If nobody can place any more pieces the person with the fewest pieces wins.


Divide the pieces unevenly so that faster players get more and everyone has a chance to win.


These rules are in the public domain. They are a freely licensed work, as explained in the Definition of Free Cultural Works.


version 0.6 2018-02-27
Added coins. Added pawn to go on top.
version 0.62 2018-02-28
rule clarifications
version 0.64 2018-04-04
rule clarifications, simplified knocking penalty rule
version 0.7 2018-06-30
clarified value progression