Players 2
Length 20 mins
Equipment Required one piecepack
Designer Marty Hale-Evans and RonHaleEvans
Version 0.6
Version Date 2001-10-01
License originally GNU FDL, re-licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0


The Story

In a distant spiral galaxy, even now, two alien factions wage a terrible (yet strangely nonviolent) war over a matter of deep philosophical import. The Orthodox OrthogonAliens believe that peanut-butter sandwiches should be sliced lengthwise, and their opponents, the Devout DiagonAliens, believe that peanut-butter sandwiches should be sliced into little triangles.

Both sides employ hyperspace technology that can transport their own ships across the galaxy, or send their opponents into black holes. The victors in this war shall rule their galaxy unto the most distant ages -- and perhaps one day, our galaxy as well.


Players take turns placing "wormholes" (coins) on the spaces of a spiral board representing the galaxy. Wormholes can send players' starships (pawns) through hyperspace across the galaxy; some wormholes are actually "black holes" (null coins) that can cause you to lose your next turn. After all wormholes have been placed, players try to land one of their starships on an opposing base, diving into wormholes that will send them toward it, while avoiding black holes, wormholes that will send them the wrong way, and their opponents' ships, which can send them back across the galaxy by landing on the same space.



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