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A game for the piecepack by Ken Leyhe
Version 1.2, 05/2002
Copyright (C) 2001 by Kenneth Leyhe Sr.
2-4 players

Get rid of the trash you carry and find "the good stuff" from the heart of the Junkyard,
then get out before you get caught.

1 piecepack set
3 ­ 5 Icehouse stashes of different colors (depending on the number of players)

1. Set up the tiles, with grid side up, in a 5x5 board with the center being empty, this is
   the center of the Junkyard.
2. Choose a large pyramid to be "the good stuff" and place it in the center empty
3. Each player chooses a remaining color and takes 1 small, 1 large and 3 medium
   pyramids of that color. Then stacks the mediums on the large.
   a. The large pyramid is the player's token.
   b. The medium pyramids are pieces of trash.
   c. The small pyramid shows the player's starting point.
4. The players place their small pyramids on the corners they have chosen as their
   start points. The token starts on top of that player's start point.

1. On a player's turn he rolls the die and moves the amount of spaces indicated on the
   a. A Null is 0 and an Ace is 1.
   b. He may move horizontally or vertically.
   c. He may not land on another player's start point but may pass over it.
2. If a player lands on another player by exact count:
   a. If the landing player has any trash, he gives one piece to the other player, which
       is added to the top of his token.
   b. The other player returns to his start point.
3. When a player has gotten rid of all of his trash he may then go for "the good stuff".
   a. The player must land on the center square by exact count.
   b. The places "the good stuff" on his token.
   c. On his next turn the player may leave by any square touching the empty center
   d. While a player is carrying "the good stuff" he may move diagonally.
   e. The player can no longer jump over or land on other players.
   f. The player must try to exit the Junkyard by landing on his start point by exact
4. If a player lands on another player carrying "the good stuff":
   a. If the landing player has no trash, he steals "the good stuff".
   b. If the landing player has trash, he gives one piece to the other player, who places
       "the good stuff" back into the center square.
   c. The other player must move his token back to his start point.

The first player to get "the good stuff" back to their starting point wins the game.

Copyright 2001 by Kenneth Leyhe Sr. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version
published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover and/or Back-
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