This is an AutoGeneratedTextVersion of Senat-Ur

                                                By Ken Leyhe
                    (Modified from Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations by RC Bell)
                                           Ver 1.0 Revised 07/02
     A game for 2 - 4 players using Piecepack Expanded.

1. Objective

      To be the first play to move all of his coins off the board.

2. Equipment

      Piecepack Expanded

3. Set Up

      A. Each player takes a set of coins of a matching suit

      B. The board is made up of face up tiles as shown below. The arrows are show to mark
      travel direction

          Null   Moon 2 Moon 3 Moon 4 Moon 5 Sun 2               Sun 3      Sun 4     Sun 5

          Null  Crown Crown Crown Crown
                                        Arms 5 Arms 4                       Arms 3 Arms 2 Ace
          |     4     3     2     Ace
                                                                                      Spade Null
                                                 Heart           Diamond Club
          Null   Heart 2 Heart 3 Heart 4 Heart 5
                                                 Ace             Ace     Ace          Ace

4. Play
      A. Players alternate turns rolling the die and moving coins.

              i. Players may enter a new coin on a roll of 2 or 5, counting the first tile as 1
              and so on.

              ii. A roll of Ace is counted as a 1.

              iii. A roll of Null is counted as a 1 and the player may roll again.

      B. Landing on another coin returns that coin to the owners stash.

      C. The final tile (spade null) must be landed on by exact count for a coin to be removed
      from play and the player gets another turn when a piece is removed.

      D. The Ace Tiles have special properties

       Tile       Effect
                     This tile may have any number of coins on it,
        Sun Ace
                                captures are not allowed.
                  This tile may only have one coin on it, captures are
       Crown Ace
                                      not allowed.
       Heart Ace     When a coin lands here you take another turn
                  When a coin lands here it is returned to the owners
      Diamond Ace
                   When a coin lands here it must move backward 3
        Club Ace
       Spade Ace     When a coin lands here you take another turn.

6. Winning

      When a player has landed all six of his coins on the final tile he wins the game.

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