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Solo Salvo: Battleship for One
A Solitary Confinement game for the piecepack by Eric Witt
Version 2.5, November 24, 2003
Copyright © 2003 by Eric Witt,
1 player, 10 minutes

License Agreement: This game may be distributed freely without charge, as
long as this header stays in place and the document has
no front or back cover. The author retains full ownership

Equipment: 1 piecepack & 1 Quarter

This Game is modeled after the public domain game “Salvo”, most commonly
known in the US by the name “Battleship”. If you understand Battleship then this
game will have virtually no learning curve.

Predict the surviving suit after warfare and you win.

Board Setup
Take all four ace tiles and set them aside.
Take 12 more tiles and turn them face down in a 4 row 3 column layout.
This layout forms the sea.
Put the 4 aces next to this layout so a 4 by 4 square is formed, with all the
aces in one column.

Pick one suit, and turn that suits coins number-side up. Put these coins in
order (Null, Ace, 2 – 5) in a line above the board. This should denote 6
half columns, 2 per tile. All dice rolls will equate to a number denoting one
of these half columns.

Coin Setup
Coins form “ships” in this game.
Each suit (of the remaining 3) will have a one coin dingy, a two coin
submarine, and a three coin cruiser. All ships start out with their coins
orientation facing away from the player. Ships must be placed in a straight
line, horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Before play begins predict a suit that will survive the naval warfare about to


Calling the Shots
Roll all 4 dice at once, and then flip your quarter. Heads indicate the upper half of
a tile, Tails signify the bottom half.

This process of rolling and flipping forms the co-ordinates of a shot fired. For
example pretend you rolled a Sun-5 with a flip of Tails. Move to the Tile on the
sun row, to the column half found under the 5. Once there, move to the bottom of
that tile, if a coin is there, you have shot it. Mark the coin by turning its orientation
towards you. (This signifies that the coin is sunk or shot).If there is no coin in the
coordinates given, it is a miss. (No action is taken on a miss) Then follow
through on the shots for the other dice rolled, using the same quarter flip.

After you have marked these 4 shots repeat this process of calling and marking
shots. (Re-roll all 4 dice, and re-flip the quarter.)

Continue playing the game until only one suit’s coins remain “afloat”. (Only one
suit has coins that point away from you.)
If this suit is the suit you predicted, you win.

Wumpuses and Dingies-
Instead of building ships of varying length, simply have 18 dingies on the board.
Play is as usual otherwise.

Version History
09/24/03 - V 1.0 Main Game
09/25/03 - V 2.0 Shot Calling simplified, Ship laying rules removed. Turn
Sequence shortened.
11/24/03 - V2.5 Wumpuses and Dingies added.