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TMAG: The Martian Assassination Game
A game for the piecepack and Icehouse by Ken LeyheVersion 1.2, Revised 05/2002Copyright
(C) 2001 by Kenneth Leyhe Sr.3-9 players
ObjectiveBe the first victim to reach all of the bases.
Equipment1 piecepack3 – 9 Icehouse stashes (1 for each player)
Setup1. Set the tiles, facedown, in a 5x5 board with the center being empty, this is
the safehouse.2. Place an Ace token on one of the center squares on each edge of the
board, theseare the bases.3. Each player chooses a large pyramid to be his piece, and 4
small pyramids asmarkers.4. Select the player who will be the first victim, everyone
else is an assassin.5. The victim starts in the safe house, the assassins start on the
corner squares. For 6-9 players the assassins start one square out from the corners,
with 2 to a corner.
PlayThe victim takes a turn after each assassin has a turn.Victim’s turn:1. Roll the
die and move the spaces indicated horizontally or vertically, you maychange directions
but not backtrack. For 6-9 player games the victim mayalso move diagonally.2. On a roll
of 0 (Null) you may re-roll. An Ace counts as a 1.3. Once the victim has left the safe
house he may not re-enter it.4. You may not pass over an assassin.5. You must land on
the bases by exact count. When you land on a base placeone of your small pyramids next
to it just off the board to keep track of basesvisited.Assassin’s turn:1. Your goal is
to capture the victim by landing on him.2. Roll the die and move the spaces indicated
horizontally or vertically, you maychange directions but not backtrack.3. On a roll of
0 (Null) you cannot move this turn. An Ace counts as a 1.4. You may not pass over the
victim but you may pass over another assassin.5. You may not land on bases but you can
pass over them.

6. You may not enter the safe house.7. If an assassin lands on the victim by exact
count:a. You become the victim and move to the safe house.b. The old victim now becomes
an assassin, and all of his small pyramidsare removed.c. Play continues with the new
victim taking his first turn.
WinningSmall victory can be awarded to any assassin who captures the victim. Truly
winningthe game is only possible by the victim who must, during a single run as the
victim,touch all four bases.
VariationsFor a shorter game don’t remove a players small pyramids when they are
captured.This way anytime a player reaches all four bases he wins, no matter how many
times he
has been captured.
6–9 people may play the game but some changes are required because it becomesvery hard
for the victim.
If you have an additional piecepack you may change the following for more players.a.
Create the game board in a 6x6 board instead of 5x5, again with the centersquare
empty.b. Assassins start on one of the two squares directly out of the corners.
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