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Tower of Babel
A solitaire game adapted for the piecepack
by Mark A. Biggar

Version 1.0, Feb 2004
Copyright © 2004 Mark A. Biggar
1 player - 10 min

Stack the tile up into a single stack. This game is an adaptation of the
traditional card solitaire game of the same name.

Game Play
This game uses only the 24 piecepack tiles.

Shuffle all the tiles face down and stack them up into a draw pile. Draw one tile
and place it face up in front of you. The display for this game consists of stacks
of tiles in a line from left to right. A turn in the game is preformed by drawing a
new tile, using it to create a new stack at the right end of the line and then
moving stacks of tiles, placing them on the top of stacks to the left in the line. A
stack of tiles may be moved on top of another stack to the left that is either one
position to the left or three positions to the left, but only if the tile on top of the
stack to be moved matches tile on top of the stack to be covered. Tiles match if
they have either the same suit or the same value. If the tile matches both
stacks to the left, you may move it on top of either stack, your choice. After
moving all the stacks you can, continue playing by drawing another tile and
repeating the above process. The game is over when the last tile is played and
any final stacks are moved.

You completely win the game if you finish with only a single stack of tiles. You
get a partial win if there are less then four stacks left.

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