This is an AutoGeneratedTextVersion of Tula


Version 1.0.1
Date 29 August 2003
Author James Kyle
Copyright public domain
Players 1
Playtime 10 minutes
Components all 24 tiles from 1 piecepack


Shuffle the tiles and arrange them face down as shown in the diagram below.

         Layer 1            Layer 2        Layer 3     Layer 4

    |O O|O O|O O|O O|    +---+---+---+
    |O X|X X|X X|X O|    |O O|O O|O O|    +---+---+
    +---+---+---+---+    |O X|X X|X O|    |O O|O O|    +---+
    |O X|X X|X X|X O|    +---+---+---+    |O X|X O|    |O O|
    |O X|X X|X X|X O|    |O X|X X|X O|    +-+-+-+-+    |O O|
    +---+---+---+---+    |O O|X X|O O|      |X X|      +---+
    |O X|X X|X X|X O|    +---+---+---+      |O O|
    |O O|O X|X O|O O|        |X X|          +---+
    +---+-+-+-+-+---+        |O O|
          |X X|              +---+
          |O O|

How To Play

After you have built the temple as shown in the diagram, reveal the top tile and remove it from the temple to start the stack. This allows the three third-layer tiles to be revealed. Continue revealing and removing tiles as described below until you either win or can no longer remove tiles.

Revealing Tiles

You may reveal a tile if none of it is covered by other tiles and it has a free corner. A corner of a tile is free when neither edge that meet to make the corner is adjacent to another tile in the same layer. Diagonal tiles do not prevent a corner from being free, but tiles that are adjacent to an edge by only one space do prevent the corner from being free. To reveal a tile, simply turn it face-up and place it back on the temple in its original location.

Removing Tiles

You may remove any tile from the temple if it has been revealed and it matches the top tile on the stack by either suit or value. To remove a tile, simply take it from the temple and place it on top of the stack.


To win, deconstruct the temple by placing all tiles into a single stack. You lose if you cannot legally reveal or remove another tile.


Mercy: If the top temple tile does not match any of the three third-layer tiles by suit or value (after revealing them), you may exchange the top tile with any of the those three tiles.