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TITLE Bingo Battle
DATE 10 May 2004
AUTHOR Martin Willett
COPYRIGHT Public Domain
PLAYERS 1 (solitaire variation) or 2 (regular game)
PLAYING TIME 5 ­ 8 minutes
COMPONENTS 1 piecepack
A luck-of-the-dice game friendly and fair to all ages, regardless of skill.
Be the first player with 4 "claims."
Set aside 2 null tiles, then set up the rest in a 4x5 grid as shown:
2 2 2 2
3 3 3 3
4 4 4 4
5 5 5 5
Mix the coins into a "kitty" pile; suit & orientation irrelevant.
Player to the left of the gameboard places one null tile grid side up as a
scoring tile, takes crowns and arms pawns as markers. Player to the right of the
gameboard places one null tile grid side up as a scoring tile, takes stars and
moons pawns as markers.
First player decided by die roll or youngest in age.
Turn consists of rolling all 4 dice, then placing 1 coin from the kitty on each
matching tile.
a) A null roll always clears the matching color column of all unlocked coins, which
are returned to the kitty.
b) Placing the third coin on a stack in a given square "locks" the stack; dice roller
places one of their pawns on the stack of 3 coins to lock it.
c) A "locked" stack of coins can be "claimed" as follows:
- The player whose pawn has locked the stack can claim the stack by either rolling
the matching grid square with the dice, or by locking an additional stack by placing
a 3rd
coin elsewhere.
- The opposing player, who did not place the locking pawn, can "steal" the claim by
rolling a match with the dice.
d) When a locked stack is claimed, the pawn is returned to its owner, 2 of the 3
coins are returned to the kitty, and the remaining coin is added to the player's
scoring tile to count the claim.
First player to fill their scoring tile with 4 claims is the winner.
All dice are thrown each turn; if less than 4 coins remain in the kitty, dice
roller makes the best play they can with remaining coins.
It's possible for the kitty to be emptied, but in the course of the following dice
roll a null can return coins to the kitty or a match can claim a locked stack. Play
continues until no possible moves are left. If neither player has 4 claims, player
with most claims is the winner. Ties are possible.
Gameboard and play remain the same, but solitaire player takes all four null
tiles, grid side up, to see how many claims can be made before no possible moves
remain. Author's high score so far is 11. Obviously, the more successful one is, the
less coins remain in the kitty, so the solitaire game will remain relatively short.
5/10/04 Game invented, rules worked out and written, several test games
played, solitaire variant created.