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Global WarmingA Changing Landscapes game for the piecepackby Mark Biggar,
Aron Wall and Gloria Wall
Version 1.0, March 2003Copyright © 2003 by Mark A. Biggar, Gloria Wall,
Aron Wall4 players, 20 min
ObjectOh no! The polar ice caps are melting due to runaway global warming
and you
are trapped on an island that is slowly sinking into the ocean. Your goal
is to bethe last survivor, the other players having drowned. Of course you
eventually going to drown as well, but at least you get to gloat over the
otherplayers’ fates first. Luckily you have some partial information as to
what part of
the island will sink next, so you can try to avoid those parts, if the
other playerslet you.
Game SetupConstruct a 5x5 tile island with a tile missing in the center by
shuffling the tiles
suit-side down, building the island and them turning the tiles suit side
up. Eachplayer chooses a color and takes the corresponding pawn and die.
Place the coins in a cup or bag for drawing. Each player then draws a coin
(without replacement) and places their pawn on the corresponding tile on
the island.
The four coins are then placed back in the cup or bag.
Choose one player to handle the cup or bag of coins. That player draws
(3) coins without looking and places them on the table in a line. Do not
exposethe sides of the coins that are down to the table. This line of coins
represents the
next three tiles on the island that will sink. As the players know only the
oneside of each coin, they have only partial information about which tiles
Game TurnsEach game turn the players perform the following actions:
1. All players select, in secret under their hand, one face of their die
thatrepresents the action they wish to perform this turn and leaves the
with the selected face upwards, on the table under their hand.
2. The players now simultaneously expose their dice. If two or moreplayers
have selected the same die face, their actions cancel and none of
those players get an action this turn.
3. All other players perform actions in decreasing value order, but with
theblank first. Thus the order of actions is: blank, 5, 4, 3, 2 and them

Sense it is an advantage to move last, this tends to balance out the player
a. A player selecting blank as their action gets to move a tile fromone
position on the island to another. The tile selected must not
contain a player’s pawn and must be placed in another emptyposition on the
island with at least one edge coinciding with the
edge of another tile in the island. The tile must be aligned grid-wise with
the other tiles but does not need to occupy a position
that was part of the original island. It is legal to break up theisland
into separate pieces or to join separated pieces back
b. A player selecting a number value (ace meaning 1) gets to makethat many
pawn moves. Players may move any pawn, either their
own or another player’s. They may divide the moves betweenmultiple pawns. A
player must make their full quota of moves but
may move a single pawn away and then back to its starting tile.Each move is
one tile up, down, left or right, but not diagonally.
In addition, no pawn may be move to a tile already occupied byanother pawn.
Obviously, a player wants to move their own
pawn OFF dangerous tiles and the other players’ pawns ONTOthose tiles.
4. Finally the chosen player with the coins draws a new coin and adds it to
the right end of the line of coins (without exposing the down side of
thecoin) and then exposes the down side of the left most coin in the line.
The tile corresponding to the exposed coin is removed from the islandand
that tile and coin are retired from the game. Any pawn on that tile
drowns and that player is eliminated from the game. We recommend thatthe
first player eliminated becomes the coin handler for the rest of the
game to keep them involved.
Repeat these steps until only one player is left.
WinningThe winner is the last survivor after all other players’ pawns have
VariantsAs the game gets more tactical as the island becomes more maze-
like, use either
of the following initial setups for a more tactical game. After creating
the island(before turning the tiles up) move either the four tiles
orthogonally adjacent to
the center hole or the four tiles diagonally adjacent to the center hole to
adjacentto the middle of each outer edge of the island. Now flip over all
the tiles and
play the game as described above.
History20030110 0.2 mab initial version.

20030115 0.5 mab Changing Landscapes contest version
20030323 1.0 mab post contest cleanup version of web page
Thank you for playing our game. Please report rules problems or variant
suggestions to mark@biggar.org.
Copyright © 2003 by Mark A. Biggar, Aron Wall and Gloria Wall. Permission
is granted to
copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU
Free Documentation
License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software
Foundation; with no
Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy
of the license can
be found at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html.