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A game for the piecepack and Icehouse by Ken LeyheVersion 1.2, Revised 05/2002Copyright
(C) 2001 by Kenneth Leyhe Sr.2-5 players
ObjectiveBe the player that owns the land with the highest value.
Equipment1 piecepack2-5 Icehouse stashes each of a different color, one for each player.1
bag or cup to draw coins from.
Setup1. Arrange the tiles facedown into a 6x4 board.2. Mark the columns and rows for easy
reference during the game.a. Use the pawns to show the suits of the four columns.b. The
first row is Null, then use the four dice to label rows 2 - 5, finally the sixth rowis
Ace.3. Place all of the coins into a cup or bag.4. Each player chooses a stash of
# of Players Pieces
2 or 3 15 - 5 of each size.
4 or 5 12 - 4 of each size.
5. Each player places one medium pyramid on an empty square that has no
pyramidssurrounding it.
Play1. On a player’s turn he draws a coin from the bag/cup.2. If the player can make a
legal play he does so.a. The coin the player drew determines the tile he will play to.b.
If all four squares on the tile are full the player cannot make a play.c. A pyramid may
not be played next to another player’s pyramid unless a take-overplay is being made.d. If
a play allows you to connect one of your tracts to another player’s you can takeover
their tract as long as take-over conditions are met:1. The pyramid you are playing makes
your tract longer than the tract you areconnecting to.2. You have enough pyramids left in
your stash to replace your opponent’spyramids.

e. If you make a take-over play you replace your opponent’s pyramids with yourown. Your
opponent adds his pyramids back to his stash.3. The player returns the coin back to the
bag and his turn ends. Play continues to theleft.
WinningThe game ends when one player has no pyramids left in his stash.Scores are counted
and the player with the highest score wins.1. To score a tract it must be a certain
number of pyramids long.
If a tract contains this size pyramid It must be this long to be scored
Small at least 2 pieces
Medium at least 3 pieces
Large at least 4 pieces

2. Points are earned for the following conditions:
Condition Score
Playing all of your pyramids. +5
All of your pyramids on the board are part of the same legal tract. (This can be earned
even if a
player didn’t use all of his pieces.)
Each legal tract containing only small pyramids. +1
Each legal tract containing only medium pyramids. +3
Each legal tract containing only large pyramids. +4
Each small pyramid in a legal tract. +1
Each medium pyramid in a legal tract. +2
Each large pyramid in a legal tract. +3

Copyright © 2001 by Kenneth Leyhe Sr. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or
modify this
document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later
published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover
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