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Matches a simple game of memory and chance (v1.01) for piecepack  Copyright © 2000,
2001 by James Kyle  2, 3, 4, or 6 players  15 minutes

Summary:   Matches is an easy game that will exercise your memory and deduction, as
well as press your luck. Itis enjoyable for children and adults, and also plays
well with mixed groups of both.   Setup:   Place all 24 tiles face down on the
table and mix them. Then, deal an equal number of tiles to eachplayer. Players then
turn the ir tiles face up and arrange them as desired in front of them on the
table, keepingthem separate from other players' tiles.
  Take all 24 coins in two hands and shake them up, then drop them in the middle of
  the table. Givingthe handful of coins a little pitch as they are dropped helps to
  keep them from stacking atop each other while
landing. If any coins overlap, carefully unstack them so that all coins lay flat on
the table, making sure noneof the players sees the underside of any coins while
doing so.   Roll to see who goes first. Take turns, starting with the first player,
and proceeding clockwise around
the table.
 Play:   On your turn, choose one of the coins in the middle of the table and point
 to it, allowing all players tosee what is marked on the coin. Then, turn the coin
 over without changing its location on the table. If thecoin matches one of your
 tiles by both suit and value, mark the tile by placing the coin on the tile. If
 the coindoes not match, just leave the coin on the table (do not turn it back to
 the side that was showing at thebeginning of your turn).   Game End and Winning:
 The game ends immediately when a player marks his or her last tile with the
 matching coin. Thatplayer is declared the winner.
  Flaming Matches Variant:   If you are ready for a slightly more taxing version of
  matches, try this variant (if all players agree to
do so before the game starts): When you turn the coin over on your turn, you may
place it anywhere in the
group of coins remaining in the middle of the table.