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a game of tactics for the piecepack
(v 0.2b, 29 May 2001)
pronounced "motocross"

Copyright (c) 2001 by James Kyle and Paul Shope
3 to 4 players - 30 minutes


Turn Sequence

  1. If your bike is wiped out, choose whether or not to attempt to re-enter the track. 2. If your bike is not wiped out, choose whether wish to move (see Movement below) or pass. 3. Pass play to the left.


Check your current race ranking (see Race Ranking below). If you are in first place, roll one die. If you are in second place, roll two dice. If you are in third place, roll three dice. If you are in fourth place, roll four dice.

Choose one of the numbers you have rolled (you may count any ace as a 1) to use for movement, and move your pawn in a straight line a number of spaces exactly equal to that number. Your may move forwards (toward the finish line) or sideways. (To clarify: your move must be either toward the next tile or parallel with the edge shared between the tile you are on and the next tile.) You may never move away from the next tile. You may not move into or through a space that is occupied by another player's pawn (except when jumping; see Jump Ramps below). If you have no direction in which to legally move, you must wipe out (see Wiping Out below).

For each null shown on the dice you have rolled, you may make one 90-degree turn at any point during your move. If all the dice show nulls, you will not move.

Race Ranking

To determine your current race ranking, (which affects the number of dice you roll for movement,) check to see if your bike is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. Bikes that are on tiles closest to the finish line have the highest race ranking. If more than one bike are on a tile, the one closest to edge of the tile adjacent to the next tile of the track has the higher ranking. If bikes are tied for a rank, the next rank below is skipped. For example, if there are two bikes tied for 1st place, then there is no 2nd place and the next highest ranked bike is in 3rd place.

Bikes that are wiped out (off the track) count toward race ranking as if they were on the space they left the track.

Wiping Out

There are three ways to wipe out:

  1. If you run out of track during a move, you wipe out from the space you left the track. 2. If your move would force you into another player's bike, then you do not move, but instead wipe out from your current space. 3. If your bike gets landed on by a bike jumping off a ramp, you wipe out from your current space.

When you wipe out, take your pawn off the track and place it next to the space where you wiped out. On your next turn, you may attempt to re-enter the track (see Re-Entering The Track below).

Re-Entering The Track

If your bike is wiped out at the beginning of your turn, you may attempt to re-enter the track at the space from which you wiped out. To do so, make a normal movement roll (with the number of dice adjusted for current race ranking). If you roll an ace, you have successfully kick-started your bike; place your pawn onto the space you left the track. Any dice left over (after the ace) may then be used as a normal movement roll, if desired.

If you fail to roll an ace while attempting to re-enter the track, your bike would not start and you must wait until next turn to try again.

If the space you left the track from is occupied by another bike, you may not attempt to re-enter the track this turn; instead, draw a coin from those that have been discarded (if any).

Jump Ramps

If a move will get your bike across the raised edge of a jump ramp, then the roll used for movement must be higher than the height of the jump ramp. If none of your dice show numbers higher than the height of the jump ramp, then you may not move this turn.

Bikes "fly" off each jump ramp. If there are bikes on the next tile(s) after a jump ramp, bikes moving off the jump ramp may pass over them; count each space whether there is a bike in it or not. If jumping off a ramp lands a bike on top of another, the bike being landed on immediately wipes out from that space.

Spending Coins

The coins dealt to players after the track is built may be spent in two different ways:

  1. If you are attempting to re-enter the track, you may discard a coin before you roll. The coin replaces the ace required to enter the track. You may then make a normal movement roll if desired. 2. Before you roll the dice for movement, you may discard one or more coins to include one extra die per coin spent. You may never roll more than four dice for movement.


To cross the finish line, just move off the last tile placed during track building. The first player to cross the finish line wins the race.