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Phillip Lerche

About my interest in the piecepack

I am a would-be game designer, and was drawn to the piecepack concept as I am not very good at designing a game (especially the components) from scratch. The piecepack components provide great inspiration for game mechanics which then sometimes morph into fully fledged games.

My first piecepack game, KingArthursCourt , is the one I am fondest of, and PharaohsHeir won the 4th design contest, HistoryRepeatsItself, so I am proudest of that. As the winner of that contest, I was the judge of the 5th contest, SolitaryConfinement.

Sarcophagus has, however, received the most attention recently.

ClarkRodeffer awarded Magistratvm, a game I co-authored with Brad Johnson, the runner-up award for best theme in the 6th design contest GroupProjects.

My piecepack games

Games that need the piecepack and extra bits:

BlackPawnTrucking - print out the playmat from the rules

CityCouncil (co-authored with Michael Schoessow and Stephen Schoessow) - 50 pennies and a copy of the play mat required. Rules coming to piecepack.org soon!!


KingdomsoftheMiddleSea - a 'pennies and matches' resource game

Magistratvm (co-authored with Brad Johnson) - requires 20 small tokens in the four player colors (break out that old Risk set), and copy of the play mat. Rules available at piecepack.org now!!

PharaohsHeir - a 'pennies and matches' resource game, print out playmats and score sheets from the rules, 2nd piecepack when playing with 4


PiecepackSubways - a 'pennies and matches' resource game

CityOfGuilds - print out the playmats, city map and goods market from the rules

Games that just need the piecepack (and maybe paper and pen for scoring, or a cup to put the coins in):



Sarcophagus - version 2 now available at piecepack.org




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