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A piecepack solitaire game that is a variation of the playing card solitaire game Gaps, aka
Montana, aka Rangoon. For more information on the original game, please visit:

Version 1.0, 01/2004
Copyright © 2003,2004 Chris Brooks
1 Player, 5 minutes

The object of the game is to arrange 20 tiles in rows such that each row contains a single
suit in sequential order, with the ace on the extreme left and the 5 on the extreme right.

One piecepack, tiles only.

Turn the tiles face-down (cross-side up) and shuffle. Deal out the tiles face up in four
rows of six tiles. Remove each of the null tiles, leaving four gaps.

A gap can be filled only by a tile that is one higher rank and of the same suit as the tile to
the left. The tile to move can come from any location. A gap on the extreme left of a
row can be filled with any tile. Placing a tile leaves a gap behind, so this process is
repeated until the player wins the game or cannot move any more tiles. A gap with a “5”
tile to the left of it is effectively blocked until that tile is moved elsewhere.

Note that the game can lock up at the start if all of the 5’s end up being to the left of the
gaps at the start of the game. Reshuffle and start over if this happens.

A player wins when each row contains 5 tiles of the same suit in sequential order from
ace to 5, left to right.

Copyright © 2003, 2004 Chris Brooks
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