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Royal RacersA Changing Landscapes game for the piecepack by Robert KoubaVersion 1.0,
January 16, 2003Copyright(C)Robert Kouba2 – 4 players, Approximate Length of Game:
varies according to setup Equipment Required: Piecepack game system, deck of cards
 License Agreement: These game instructions may be distributed and copied for free
 aslong as the author is credited or this header is left in place.  Background The four
 noble houses have come together to decide the dead king’s successor by meansof a
 race…winner takes the kingdom! Object Be the first prince to complete the race to
 become king.
 Setup  a) Separate ranks ace through nine in all four suits from the rest of the deck,
 discardingranks 10 through king (they will not be used).b) Shuffle the deck (now at 36
 cards) and randomly lay out the cards, face-up, in a 6x6grid. This is the starting
 game board.c) Each player takes a pawn. Each player chooses one of the center four
 squares to startat (refer to figure 1) and places his pawn there.d) The tiles serve as
 “flags”. Decide how many flags you have to touch to win and takethat many tiles in
 your suit. Make sure the numbers are consecutive and each playertakes the same
 numbers. A normal game is to five flags (omitting the null tile) butyou can adjust it
 according to how long you want the game to last. Place your highestnumbered flag
 underneath your starting piece. The starting space is also going to bethe last space
 you arrive at when you finish the race. Pass the remaining flags to theplayer to your
 left.e) The playing field is now divided into four quadrants, each containing 9 cards,
 forpurposes of flag placement (refer to figure 2). Each player in turn takes the
 lowestnumbered flag (ace in the normal game) and places it anywhere in the quadrant
 wherethat flag’s owner rests. Therefore, if the crown player is to the right of you
 and youare placing his flags, you would place the first one in the same quadrant as
 the crownplayer’s pawn. After all players have placed the first flag for their
 opponent, player’srepeat the process except the next flag is placed in the next
 quadrant clockwise of theone where the first flag was placed. Also players alternate
 who places the first flag(example: Player 1 placed the first “ace” flag, now Player 2
 will place the first “2”flag. Keep placing flags in the next clockwise quadrant and
 alternate who places thefirst flag until all flags are placed. Bear in mind their can
 be only one flag per card. In

the normal game, each player should have one flag in each of the four quadrants
inaddition to the one underneath his pawn.f) Each player takes the die of his suit.g)
If you are playing a campaign game, take out the coins to keep score (see
CampaignVariant).h) Get ready to race! Gameplay: The object of the game is to touch
each of your flags in order and be the first one back toyour starting point. Player 1
starts the game. After everyone has taken their first turn, Player 2 would start
thenext round of movement and so on. Continue to alternate who goes first until there
is awinner. Whoever touches the last flag first wins (no ties). On your turn you take
two actions: 1-Board Morph Simulating obstacles on your race, roll your die. If null
comes up, do nothing and go tostep 2 of your turn. If you roll ace through 5, you must
transform the board by flipping acard of equal rank to what you rolled. Thus, if you
roll an ace, you must flip an ace.Cards flipped face-down cannot be landed on so it is
useful for hampering your opponent.Also, if you are blocked by a face-down card, you
can flip it face-up. Bear in mind the following rules:  - Cards ranked 6 through 9 will
always remain face-up.- You may only flip a card under a flag facedown when there are
no cards of thatvalue without flags on them left face-up (make sure not to cover the
flag with aface-down card).- When flipping a card face-up you may not look under to see
if that is the correctrank. You must choose which card to flip from memory and
designate which cardyou wish to flip. If the card you turn up does not match the die
roll’s rank, youmust go back to the last flag you touched and the card must remain
face-down. Ifyou have not yet touched your first flag, you have to go back to start.-
You may flip only one card per turn.- A pawn may not be on the card you decide to
flip.- If all cards of that rank are face-down, you must try to turn one face-up.- In
the unlikely event that all cards of that rank are covered by pawns, you maychoose ANY
face-down card and turn it face-up regardless of rank. 2-Movement You may now move your
pawn one space orthogonally (no diagonal movement).

 Bear in mind the following rules:  - Only one pawn per space.- You may not land on a
 face-down card.- If you have no legal move you must forfeit this turn. Game End The
 game ends when a prince touches his last flag (his starting space). That player
Campaign Variant Play a multiple race game. When the game ends, take a coin showing the
number of flagsyou touched. After the pre-determined amount of races are over, the
player who scoredthe most wins. Flag Variant You may not travel through an opponent’s
flag space unless all other paths are blockedby face-down cards and/or enemy pawns.